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Jitterbug Boogie

What is Jitterbug Boogie?

This popular swing dance style focused on 6-beat figures and triple-time footwork. This a great way to learn strong fundamentals before tackling 8-beat Lindy Hop. As with other swing styles adding some Charleston figures to the mix is popular in social dancing.

Here is a fun video to watch although the tempo is faster than we use in these classes. It contains some high-quality choreographed swing with advanced elements so don't worry that this looks difficult as you won't be asked to perform like this.

This is an intermediate level class and we will guide you patiently through each stage of your progress. Each week we will teach figure suitable for dancers with some existing skills and with lots of revision as you master the moves.

We offer this dance on Thursdays as a progression from Jive. If you have suitable dance experience and would like to join this class without first attending our Jive classes then contact us and we can discuss your options.
In our Jitterbug Boogie classes we ask students to rotate partners frequently during the class as this experience quickly raises you skill level.
Social dancing opportunities include our monthly Juke Joint events in Spencer's Wood as well as live music events.