Welcome to Lindy Hop, Jive, Jitterbug, Charleston and Everything Swing.

Get in the swing!  RockinRhythm presents Berkshire Swing Dance.
Fun classes and social dance events across Reading.



What is Jive?

Authentic 6-beat Jive is one of the most accessible swing dance styles and is well suited up-tempo music. We start you with single-time footwork and moderate tempo music before adding heaps of fun variations to keep your dancing fresh. These classes are a great route into other dance styles that we teach if you feel that you want a fresh challenge. We will show you how to get started and can help you to gradually become more polished and stylish if you want to. The way that we teach Jive will give you skills and insights needed to set you on a sound footing for any swing dance style that you add later.

Practice time is supplemented by our frequent, top-class social events where you can hone your skills and enjoy live gigs by touring bands supported by expert DJs.

The video here shows a compilation of classic 1950s-style Jive dance, mostly from the UK.